About Us

The Institute for Development and Innovation was founded in 2018 by a group of young researchers in the field of economics. All with the aim of strengthening the economic development of the Republic of Serbia through innovation, project realization and researches that have a direct impact on individuals and other social actors at the micro-level.

How we operate


The IDI mission is to encourage the development of the Republic of Serbia through growth based on knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship, with the aim of increasing the quality and quantity of the work force.


The IDI vision is to become a necessary partner for economic subjects and institutions in achieving the economic development of the Republic of Serbia based on knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Key features

The IRI accomplishes its mission through the following key functions:

  • Owning and facilitating professional dialogue between business entities and competent state institutions in order to improve conditions for innovative development and to improve formal and informal institutions in Serbia.
  • Encouraging the implementation of best innovative practices from around the world in Serbia

Our values


The IRI finds and implements innovative ways of functioning, thus becoming an example of good practice.

Professionalism and objectivity

IRI is guided by the knowledge and skills necessary to reach impartial conclusions.

Applicable results

IRI implements projects whose results are concrete and have a positive impact on the citizens of the Republic of Serbia.

Our team

Nenad Jevtović

Nenad Jevtović

Marina Anđelković

Marina Anđelković

Ana Milenković

Ana Milenković

Project assistant