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The new Horizon Еurope project RURALITIES has started

 -  - The new Horizon Еurope project RURALITIES has started

In Bratislava, on October 20 and 21, 2022, representatives of the Institute for Development and Innovation participated in the meeting that started the implementation of the five-year Horizon Europe project RURALITIES.

The project’s main objective is to provide expertise and a learning framework that will improve the ecosystem and act on climate change through various innovative methodologies. The project will coordinate the actions of local and regional authorities in support of rural innovations in regions and economic sectors in which rural innovators are still not sufficiently engaged. This is done through coordinating activities and influencing regional and national policy instruments in Italy, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Spain, and Romania.
The coordinator of the project is PEDAL Consulting from Slovakia, and the Institute for Development and Innovation will have a research and management role in the project, which will last until October 2027. The project will be implemented by a consortium of 52 partners from Europe and Africa.
The “RURALITIES” project was financed by the European Union (European Commission) for f 4.4 million euros, within the Horizon Europe program dedicated to research and innovation.