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The Institute for Development and Innovation has been implementing the “WRITE ABOUT THE PUBLIC FINANCE!” training program for three months now. The aim of the training is to improve the knowledge in monitoring and reporting on public finances and the economy among journalists and employees in the non-governmental sector.

So far, fifteen workshops have been conducted within the training program, where participants had the opportunity to learn about: budget resources allocated for young people in cities in Serbia, public debt at the national and local levels, sources of data on public debt, and the labor market. In the lectures of journalists, the topics were related to the way of conducting an interview, how to collect and process data, and journalistic experience in public finance.
The participants of the training had the opportunity to cooperate with Nenad Jevtović – Institute for Development and Innovation during the previous workshops; Aleksandar Miladinović – BBC Serbia; Nemanja Milutinović – Euronews; Petrica Đaković – NIN; Aleksandra Branković – Institute for Development and Innovation.
In addition to workshops, participants have ongoing mentoring support in processing topics related to public finances and publishing texts and analyses for the media where they are employed, as well as on the websites of NGOs where they work or on personal blogs.
The “WRITE ABOUT THE PUBLIC FINANCE!” project is supported by the Embassy of the United States of America.