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Work meeting “Rights for Moms!”

 -  - Work meeting “Rights for Moms!”

The work meeting “Moms have rights!” was dedicated to the status of mother’s entrepreneurs in the labor market. The work meeting gathered the representatives of the government, civil sector, and independent institutions. The work meeting started topics through which we identified problems that mother’s entrepreneurs face in the labor market.

The civil society organizations, which already tackle this issue shared in great detail their work and the plans they have in helping mother’s entrepreneurs.
The director of the Institute for Development and Innovation, Nenad Jevtović, shared his opinion about the necessity of concrete measures and enhanced the need for quantification of the issue, as an important step in advocating for the change.
All the participants contributed to the discussion and in recognizing the key challenges mothers’ entrepreneurs face in the labor market, as well as the possibilities for its advancements.
As the conclusion participants agreed that it is needed to create measures that will be fixed and oriented on all mothers (employed, unemployed, and entrepreneurs) that are reentering the workforce after maternity leave.