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The aim of the publication “101 questions of public finance” is to present to a large number of readers answers to the most important questions in the field of public finance in the Republic of Serbia. The answers to the questions are designed in such a way that, first, an answer is given that is suitable for a young high school graduate, then for an adult citizen and a journalist.

The publication’s author, Nenad Jevtović, writes that public finances are how a society functions. How it uses its resources. Public finances are not explained in different ways to a young high school graduate, a citizen, and a journalist, they should represent a concept that every citizen of the Republic of Serbia acquires as a child, and improves his knowledge about them throughout his life.
The author says that public finances can be understood almost equally at the level of the family and the state. This was the reason to explain the largest number of concepts from public finance through the functioning of the family. If a country or family uses money in a responsible and correct way, it brings progress, and if it does not, it encounters an increasing number of problems that ultimately result in the decline of the family or country.
Studying, reporting, and contributing to public finances means that you constantly ask the question of where the common money of all citizens is, whether it is spent in a correct and prescribed way and whether it is spent in a way that in the long term brings a better and safer life for all people.