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BEAMING (Bioeconomy Excellence Alliance for Stimulating Innovative and Inclusive Green Transition) is a four-year Horizon Europe project financed by the European Commission with 3.9 million euros.

The consortium consists of 17 partners from diverse regions of the European Union and Widening countries gathered around the BEAMING mission to enhance innovation and knowledge valorization in the bioeconomy sector through cooperation between higher education institutions.
BEAMING supports the transfer of technology and extensive knowledge exchange primarily between targeted institutions, but also for a wider group of organizations and social actors, fostering a culture of collaboration. Special attention is given to the Central-Eastern and South-Eastern European countries and enhancing their visibility, competitiveness, and innovation capacity.
The main roles of the Institute for Development and Innovation are related to the assessment of Open Science practices in the EU and widening countries through the 8 pillars of open science and the process of aligning BEAMING results with ERA priorities (European research area) together with organizing various events and workshops on this topic.