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The “Brain Drain and Good Governance” conference

 -  - The “Brain Drain and Good Governance” conference

Аt the “Brain drain and good governance in East and Southeast Europe – migrations of experts as the challenge for the motherland” conference, which was organized in Belgrade, the director of the Institute for Development and Innovation, Nenad Jevtovic, presented the results of the “Cost of youth emigration” analysis which followed the discussion about the challenges that occur with youth emigration.

Given results indicate that directly and indirectly, due to the lack of power to stop the brain drain with employment, the government generates an annual GDP loss of roughly 897,3 million euros, around 2,1% of GDP for 2018. The most notable advantage of their emigrations is remittances. By the number of remittances in GDP Serbia is at the very top in Europe, together with Albania, with 5% – 6% of remittances involved in GDP.
In total 35 experts participated in the discussion, all of which were former and current scholarship holders of the Robert Bosch Foundation, as well as the German council for foreign affairs (DGAP).