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City of Loznica

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The City of Loznica and the Institute for Development and Innovation established a partnership in May 2022, since which they have been actively working on projects that contribute to the economic development of the City of Loznica and the Mačva region through the development of entrepreneurship. The joint vision has started to materialize through activities and partnership on the project „NEwly established Start-up Enterprise SERvices – NESESER“, which is being implemented within the framework of the IPA program of cross-border cooperation Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014-2020. The City of Loznica and the Institute for Development and Innovation are jointly working on the establishment and development of the Business-Entrepreneurial Incubator in the City of Loznica, in a period of 18 months. It is expected that by the end of the project, at least 30 women and 15 young people will be self-employed in the City of Loznica.

The Institute for Development and Innovation and the City of Loznica expect to continue their cooperation within the framework of international projects, working on the improvement of the circular economy model and resistance to climate change, but also the exchange of knowledge that will help the Institute’s researchers to understand the factors of local economic development.