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CYE – Albania, Montenegro, N. Macedonia

 -  - CYE – Albania, Montenegro, N. Macedonia

After the research “Cost of Youth Emigration” in Serbia, the Institute for Development and Innovation, with the support of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, conducted the research for the countries in the region –  Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

The analysis has a focus on the economic effects of emigration in these countries, which are known as ones from which people emigrate, especially the youth. It explores the positive and negative implications, assesses the potential gains and losses for the economy of these countries and society, and indicates the need for broader research and improvement of economic policy measures that would mitigate the effects of youth emigration from these countries.

Data used in this research are from international institutions – OECD, UN, and Eurostat, as well as from official institutions of the Republic of North Macedonia, Republic of Albania, and Montenegro.