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Five and again, together!

 -  - Five and again, together!

In September 2023, the Institute for Development and Innovation marks five years of work and establishment. In the previous five years, the Institute strove to establish itself as an independent economic think tank that develops, advocates and implements economic policies. The purpose of the Institute’s work is to provide decision-makers, as well as all social actors, with professional support in the creation of economic policies that lead to the establishment of a developed and democratic society based on equal opportunities.

In the previous five years, 25 projects were implemented or started to be implemented within three work programs. Work programs were established on sound foundations: 1) Youth, migration and depopulation; 2) Public finances and economic development; 3) Green and digital transformation. Over 30 economic analyzes and economic policy proposals were prepared through programs and projects. The most notable results were achieved in starting the topic of the costs of emigration of young people and their position on the labor market, as well as on the topic of depopulation and raising awareness and understanding of topics in the field of public finances that directly affect the economic growth and development of the Republic of Serbia. As a result of the work in the period from 2018 to 2023, over 150 partnerships and joint performances with domestic and international organizations were achieved.

In the years to come, the Institute for Development and Innovation will continue to develop, advocate and implement economic policies. All this while preserving the values ​​on which it rests – innovation, expertise and objectivity, as well as the applicability of the policies it proposes.