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Flat-rate taxation reform

 -  - Flat-rate taxation reform

The Institute for Development and Innovation prepared the flat-rate taxation analysis, in collaboration with NALED, as part of the project they are together implementing. This analysis aims to explain ways and preconceptions about calculating the expenses of individuals when starting a flat–rate taxation entrepreneur business. To gather an overview of all the expenses when establishing a small business analysis focuses on financial costs, as well as time costs needed in the process of registration of a small business.

The focus of this analysis was the situation in which individuals are before and after adopting the recommended reforms of flat-rate taxation, to come to the conclusion on the benefits of this reform. The special focus was given to the insecurities when starting a small business, as, after the adoption of the reform, entrepreneurs know the exact amount they have to pay every month to have a profitable business.
The expenses of opening your business in Serbia differ between the ways you register (paper or electric form), whether you do it personally or through an agency, as well as the location in the Republic of Serbia where the business is registered.