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Infostud and the Institute for Development and Innovation have been cooperating since 2022 within the Institute’s Youth, Migration and Depopulation program, specifically the Youth program area. The partners are committed to the continuous creation and improvement of the labor market in Serbia. Together, they strive to increase the employment rate and influence the improvement of employment potential.

The Institute for Development and Innovation implements the Prequalification in Graphic Designers project “POKRENI SE!”, the focus of which is on young people aged 18 to 30 who are in the NEET position. Through the Training Program, young people are given the opportunity to gain knowledge in graphic design and entrepreneurship. This enables them to significantly improve their position on the labor market. The support of Infostud is significant because after training, the process of finding a job and/or finding good employers is easier for young people. In this way, partners jointly influence one of the most important areas in the life of every individual, namely business and career development. Also, Infostud publicly supported the Proposal of relife for mothers earnings after childbirth developed by the Institute for Development and Innovation and thereby significantly contributed to the support of the measure by a large number of citizens.