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Meeting of the body for monitoring economic migration flows

 -  - Meeting of the body for monitoring economic migration flows

On May 13th 2019 during the fourth meeting of the Body for monitoring economic migration flows, the director of the Institute for Development and Innovation, Nenad Jevtović, presented the results of the “Cost of youth migrations” analysis. Jevtović pointed out the positive and negative side effects of youth migration. S4: The most direct costs that society faces are the costs of education. The data indicate that costs for highly educated youth individuals are 34 thousand euros and around 55 thousand euros for PhD holders.

Further, results indicate that directly and indirectly, due to the lack of power to stop the brain drain with employment, the government generates an annual GDP loss of roughly 897,3 million euros, around 2,1% of GDP for 2018. In terms of the share of remittances in GDP, Serbia is at the very top of European countries and these funds play an important role for the national economy, but they can also be perceived as the generator of future development and further growth as long as the investing components do not increase.