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Ministry of Tourism and Youth

 -  - Ministry of Tourism and Youth

The Ministry of Tourism and Youth has been a partner and donor of the Institute for Development and Innovation in the field of improving the position of youth in the Republic of Serbia since 2020. Namely, the Ministry responsible for youth supported the implementation of the project “POKRENI SE! 3” within the Institute’s Youth program area. A special focus is on young people aged 18 to 30 who are in the NEET position, and who were given the opportunity to gain knowledge in graphic design and business. This enabled them to significantly improve their position in the labor market, and after the Training Program, 21 participants became self-employed or employed in the field of graphic design. Also, an Employment Fair was organized where the participants of the Training Program had the opportunity to talk with employees about employment or internships.

In partnership with the Youth Business Forum, and with the support of the Ministry responsible for youth, the Institute for Development and Innovation has prepared an Analysis – Economic potentials of 11 cities and municipalities with a lower economic level of development in the Republic of Serbia. Through the partnership, there is an exchange of research that serve decision-makers for the adoption of policies that should improve the position of youth.