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On the youth emigration problem

 -  - On the youth emigration problem

On Thursday, March 14th 2019, the director of the Institute for Development and Innovation, Nenad Jevtović, participated in the first action meeting created to deal with the issue of youth migration in Serbia. Together with other relevant parties – Universities, Non–government sectors, the Government, the business sector, and the Serbian associations in the diaspora, he participated in discussing the issue and the consequences of the youth migrations in Serbia.

According to the research conducted by the Institute for Development and Innovation, directly and indirectly, Serbia faces a GDP loss of 897,3 million euros, around 2,1% of the total GDP for 2018. The loss is caused by the inability to keep an educated workforce in the country, causing the so-called brain drain effect.

The primary goal of this initiative is to analyze the cause, issues, and consequences of youth migration, as well as to recommend the appropriate steps in solving the issue. The initiative is supported by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.