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Open Society Foundation

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From 2021, the Open Society Foundation supports the Institute for Development and Innovation in the development and advocacy of economic policies. The Foundation provides support through the funding of the Youth, Migration and Depopulation program, specifically the Depopulation program area. Through two cycles of the project Rights for moms!”, the Foundation strengthened the work of the Institute within the subject of improving the socio-economic position of women in the labour market.

With the support of the Foundation, the Institute for Development and Innovation has developed and advocated an economic policy measure that improves the position of women after maternity leave. This economic policy measure has been handed over to the Prime Minister’s Cabinet for consideration and initiation of further steps towards its adoption. Furthermore, through three years of support, the Institute gathered relevant representatives of the state, civil society and independent institutions working in the field of women’s rights and gender equality and actively collaborated with them in the development and advocacy of economic measures.

Also, through the support of the Open Society Foundation, the Plan for Simplifying Administrative Procedures for women entrepreneurs was developed, and the general public was informed about the position and status of women from the point of view of the labour market and relations with employers.