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Plan for simplification of administrative procedures

 -  - Plan for simplification of administrative procedures

The analysis is dedicated to drafting proposals for simplifying administrative procedures for future mothers who are entrepreneurs. The administrative procedures that future mothers go through include: 1) submitting a request for opening maternity leave and 2) acquiring the right to payment of financial compensation during maternity leave.

In order to make it easier for pregnant women, but also for other entrepreneurs who want to appoint a professional manager in an entrepreneurial business, to temporarily stop doing business or to shut it down, we propose to enable electronic submission of these requests for those entrepreneurs who have electronic signatures.
Also, it is necessary to enable digital delivery of documentation for opening maternity leave to the local branch of the Child Protection Service. The submission of the requested documentation for opening maternity leave and leave for child care together with the employer’s decision on the realized right to leave, remittance for starting maternity leave and a copy of the current account is made in the Child Protection Service in the local self-government unit where the mother resides. This is the only part of the procedure that has not been digitized, so its digitization would complete the process.