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 -  - POKRENI SE! 2.1

The Institute for Development and Innovation, with the support of the Ministry of Family Welfare and Demography, will implement the project “POKRENI SE! 2.1”.

Project “POKRENI SE! 2.1” is a continuation of the project “POKRENI SE!” and “POKRENI SE! 2”, and was created with the intention to contribute to the improvement of knowledge of young people who are familiar with the basics in the field of graphic design.
Project “POKRENI SE! 2.1” is implemented on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and its goal is to contribute to the improvement of the position of young people in the labor market.
The concept of project activities was created with the intention to train young people who already gained knowledge of graphic design in order to improve their knowledge and achieve a long-term effect on a personal and social level.
After the training, an analysis of the success and performance of each participant in the training and the labor market will be conducted. The key result of this project is a better positioning of young people between 18 and 35 years in the labor market.