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620 Eighth Avenue, New York

The Policy Innovation Lab

 -  - The Policy Innovation Lab

The Policy Innovation LAB was created in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics, the University of Belgrade, and the Institute for Development and Innovation. The Policy Innovation LAB is created as an open, collaborative space where students may express their innovative ideas in preparing and leading the projects connected to public policy.

The project aims to support students of the Faculty of Economics in dealing with the topics connected to creating and implementation of public policy. Through their engagement in Policy Innovation LAB, students are analyzing the main issues of economic politics, to create innovative and concrete solutions, all through combining research and action as two analytically different approaches.
The students will be motivated to proceed with their careers in the field of creating public policies through organizing workshops, solving case studies, guest lectures from experts, organizing professional practice, as well as meeting the key members of the government and civil society sectors. We will organize the competition for the best public policy proposal. The end goal is to find jobs for the students of the Faculty of Economics, where they can use their knowledge in creating and implementing public policy.