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Until the end of 2022, the Institute for Development and Innovation – IDI is conducting a campaign to promote the publication “101 Questions of public finance”. The aim of the publication is to present to a large number of readers the answers to the 101 most important questions in the field of public finance in the Republic of Serbia.

The answers to questions asked from public finances are designed so that the answer that is appropriate for a young graduate is given first, ie. a person finishing primary school. The answers at this level are adjusted so that they are short, explained through an example, and not completely professionally precise. It was a settlement between the intelligibility and technical precision of the expert explanation. The second level of explanation refers to the level of the grown Although the publication is intended for all citizens of the Republic of Serbia, the word citizen in this context means an adult who is not professionally engaged in public finance, but who needs knowledge in the field of public finance to actively participate in decision-making in a democratic society and processes. The third level of explanation of the issue in the publication is dedicated to journalists. The detail at this level is the greatest, and special emphasis is placed on data sources that can be researched in more detail.
The goal of making the brochure is to bring public finances closer to the people of Serbia in order to make better democratic decisions.