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The regional conference “Youth Inclusion”

 -  - The regional conference “Youth Inclusion”

The members of the Institute for Development and Innovation held a workshop dedicated to the costs of youth emigration and migration at the conference “Youth inclusion in the West Balkan politics”. The conference in Skopje was organized by the conservative wing of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

The main goal of the workshop was to educate young activists from the political parties and the civil sector on how to create policy measures. The first part of the workshop was dedicated to technics for creating politics, while the second part was dedicated to practical work. Given the latest data accumulated through the “Cost of youth emigration” research conducted in the countries of the West Balkan, representatives from the Institute for Development and Innovation created the tasks for the participants based on the gathered results, aimed to identify challenges the young people face as well as to develop and present recommendations of policies that are focusing on youth. The participants were led through the whole process by the lecturer.