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The Institute for Development and Innovation will implement the project “Rights for moms!” from October 2021. to June 2022. by the support of the Open Society Foundation.

The goal of the project is to improve the socio-economic position of women after maternity leave through improving the position and status of women from the perspective of the labor market and relations with employers. Also, the project aims to improve the system-legislative position, as well as raise citizens’ awareness about this issue on multiple levels – political, economic, and social consequences.

The lack of a sufficiently rounded, coordinated, and systematic response to the issue of women in the labor market after maternity leave had massive negative consequences; primarily in terms of delaying or even avoiding motherhood, which not only negatively affects the birth rate and natural increase, but also has greater social, cultural and psychological consequences for the entire community.

The project activities will focus on organizing round tables, formulating and publishing policy proposals to improve the working status of women returning from maternity leave, and leading the advocacy process to make these policies part of the legislative framework.