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The case of lost investments in education in Western Balkans countries

 -  - The case of lost investments in education in Western Balkans countries

The lack of human capital in the not so distant future can greatly affect the economic fate of a country and the standard of living of the citizens of the Western Balkans. If the emigration trend continues, it will bring a series of socio-economic problems, some of which are visible now: pressures on pension funds, healthcare services, and social care services, a decrease in potential GDP growth because of declining human capital factors, disturbances in labor markets, etc.

Emigration cannot be stopped or overturned, but it can be mitigated to a certain degree and can even benefit a country in some ways. The multidimensionality of the migration phenomenon implies a series of positive factors which, if they are to take effect, must be ensured by active measures of the state: 1) establishment of a database with precise records on migration from Western Balkan countries; 2) the strengthening of bonds with the diaspora through new technologies and communication channels; 3) the creation of interactive platforms for the exchange of experiences, ideas and business proposition; 4) the attraction of investments in the economy of the home country; 5) the transfer of knowledge and technologies.