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The cost of higher education

 -  - The cost of higher education

Previous research on the cost of youth emigration provided a general insight into the possible amount of education costs for people who have emigrated.

Bearing in mind that variety of profiles in the emigration contingent are present in the mentioned paper, we observed the cost od education at selected faculties of the University of Belgrade.

We gathered and analyzed the data for the following faculties at the University of Belgrade: Faculty of Economics, Biology, Agriculture, Technology and Metallurgy, Electrical Engineering, Metallurgy, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Dentistry and Medicine.

The obtained results showed that about 34 thousand euros were invested in the preschool age, through primary and four-year high school to the end of academic studies, which lasted an average of five years and ended in 2018.

If we observe each faculty individually, the range of total education costs ranges from 30.821 euros at the Faculty of Economics to as much as 58.095 euros at the Faculty of Medicine and even 70.694 euros at the Faculty of Dentistry.