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The first forum “Evening of expertise” was held

 -  - The first forum “Evening of expertise” was held

On June 6, the Institute for Development and Innovation organized the first forum ‘Evening of expertise’ based on the ideas of economist Mariana Mazzucato and the possibilities of applying those ideas in Serbia. The speakers at the forum were Milan Ćulibrk, editor of the politics and economy column in Radar Weekly; Ivan Radanović, economic journalist and columnist at the Institute for Development and Innovation; and Nenad Jevtović, director of the Institute for Development and Innovation. Representatives from independent institutions, as well as the educational, civil, and business sectors, also took part in the dynamic discussion.

The forum was opened by Nebojša Novković, who, as moderator, presented the most important lines of thinking and works of Mariana Mazzucato. Then, Ivan Radanović, columnist at the Institute for Development and Innovation, addressed the participants, providing a thorough theoretical introduction and clear directions for forming a discussion about the idea, activities, and importance of an entrepreneurial state, the negative aspects of modern consulting, and the need for a higher purpose in economic goals. Milan Ćulibrk spoke about the challenges faced by state institutions that are insufficiently committed to active investment in innovation and the public interest and reminded the audience of the need for practical and clear economic engagement. Nenad Jevtović, referencing the column ‘We Don’t Have the Shoes for It’, argued that Mariana Mazzucato’s ideas are unsuitable for a country lacking a clearly established institutional infrastructure. Jevtović emphasized that development requires the clear and coordinated efforts of interconnected individuals in key positions, forming a network of essential social capital capable of creating value in our country.
In the discussion, it was concluded that Serbia needs greater support for individuals engaged in public interest activities, as there is significant potential in exceptional individuals whose ideas, business practices, and educational methods could serve as a lever for economic development.