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The first round table “Rights for moms!” was held

 -  - The first round table “Rights for moms!” was held

The first round table “Rights for moms!” was dedicated to the presentation of the project “Rights for moms!”; as well as getting to know organizations and their work in the field of women’s rights and gender equality. Representatives of the state, civil society and independent institutions spoke at the round table. The round table raised a large number of topics and identified a number of problems that moms face in the labor market and in relations with employers.

Aleksandra Šanjević addressed the Open Society Foundation, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the main problems that mothers face and focusing on solving them. She also reminded those present of the support that the Open Society Foundation provides through the financing of projects that contribute to the strengthening of the most vulnerable groups in society, all with the aim of improving social and economic justice in the Republic of Serbia.

The director of the Institute for Development and Innovation, Nenad Jevtović, presented the work of the Institute, and through the conversation he spoke about how much the budget of the Republic of Serbia loses by degrading mothers, as well as society as a whole. He emphasized the need to quantify the problem, all with the aim of a better advocacy position.

The main conclusion of the round table was that it is necessary to focus on the most important problems and challenges that moms face. In accordance with that, the next round tables will be dedicated to individual topics that will concern unemployed mothers, employed mothers and mothers entrepreneurs.

The second round table “Rights for moms!” will be organized in December with a topic concerning unemployed mothers.