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The Institute for Development and Innovation has successfully completed the implementation of the project “Retraining program for QA testers PREOBUQA!”. As part of the project, workshops were organized in the field of QA testing and career development. 505 young people from the Republic of Serbia applied for the program, of which 50 were chosen to attend.

In the past five months, the program was organized so that the participants attended 24 workshops in the field of QA testing and 6 in career development. Through 24 workshops on QA testing, participants acquired basic knowledge for manual software testing. Participants mastered the basics of working in Jira Software, ClickUp, Trello, and Postman applications. Also, the topics of the workshops were API mechanisms, Software Testing, Testing types, SQL and databases. Additional knowledge gained is creating an account on GitHub and the Flare community. During the career development workshops, the participants learned how to improve the resume and motivation letter, how to register a company, what are the state’s incentives for establishing a youth company, income models. In addition, the situation on the IT labor market, how to get a job in the IT industry and how to start your own business were also discussed.
As part of the project, a job fair was held on February 28 at KC Grad in Belgrade, with the aim of connecting program participants with IT companies that employ QA testers. Through the project, 50 young people gained new knowledge and improved their position on the labor market.
“Retraining program for QA testers PreobuQA!” is supported by the BOLD program implemented by the Embassy of the United States of America in Serbia and the Association for the Affirmation of Culture – ASK.