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The project “Right for Moms!“ continuation

 -  - The project “Right for Moms!“ continuation

In the next 9 months, the Institute for Development and Innovation will continue with the implementation of the project “Right for Moms!”.

The context in which the mentioned project is proposed is the structurally unfavorable socio-economic position of women after maternity leave, and, related to this, an inadequate position on the labor market – the regulatory “invisibility” of the category of employed women who have recently returned from maternity leave, the absence of a sufficiently rounded county system response to their problems, as well as standard lack of public information regarding this problem and the possibilities for overcoming it.
The main goal of the project is to improve the socio-economic position of women on the labor market and the relationship with the employer after maternity leave, and through advocating the introduction of benefits for earnings for expectant mothers, which the Institute for Development and Innovation has already developed.
The main activities of the project will be: the establishment of the Working Group, meetings of the Working Group and bilateral meetings of the Institute for Development and Innovation with decision-makers, meetings with representatives of the ministries responsible for problems of labor law and social policy, and leading the process of public advocacy so that the policies become part of the legislative framework.
The project “Right for Moms!” is supported by the Open Society Foundation.