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In the following 10 months, the Institute for Development and Innovation will organize the educational program “PIŠI O JAVNIM”!

The Institute for Development and Innovation organized the first training on the 22nd of December 2021, and the educational program will be implemented until September 2022. The goal of the project is to develop knowledge in monitoring and reporting about the public finances and economy by journalists and workers in the civil sector.
Forty Journalists and NGO sector workers were chosen to participate. The beneficiaries will write and report about the public finances on the local government level with the help of their mentors and lecturers. In the next 10 months, they will develop at least 400 texts in the newspaper, research, and proposals in the domain of public finances and economy.

Beneficiaries will have an opportunity to get a lecture from 10 renowned lecturers:

Nenad Jevtović – Institute for Development and Innovation

Aleksandar Miladinović – BBC

Milan Ćulibrk – NIN

Nemanja Milutinović – Euronews

Anica Telesković – Politika

Marija Panić – Pace University, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences;

Patrica Đaković – NIN

Milica Jevtić Kulić – Faculty of Political Science.

Rastko Nešković – State attorney’s office

Aleksandra Branković – Institute for Development and Innovation.

Project “PIŠI O JAVNIM!” is financed by the Еmbassy of the United States of America.