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Together we support entrepreneurs in Loznica and Brcko

 -  - Together we support entrepreneurs in Loznica and Brcko

The “Newly established Start-up Enterprise SERvices NESESER project is implemented within the IPA program of Cross-border cooperation Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014-2020. The contracting authority of this project is the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia, Department for Contracting and Financing of EU-Funded Programmes (CFCU).

The project’s overall goal is to encourage shared cross-border economic potential for self-employment by improving the entrepreneurial environment for young and newly founded companies led by women.

The Development and Guarantee Fund of Brčko District of BiH, the Institute for Development and Innovation and the City of Loznica will implement the project in a period of 18 months. Project partners will work on intensifying neighbourly relations, creating sustainable partnerships for socio-economic development and removing obstacles to cross-border economic development.

Project tasks will be implemented through clusters that include: 1) Improving the capacity of state representatives and business associations for the development of the business environment; 2) Conducting an analysis of the current state and economic potential of Loznica and Brčko District; 3) Development of Business Plans for Business and Entrepreneurship Centers; 4) Development and establishment of web support for connecting business and entrepreneurial centres in the cross-border region and the European Union; 5) Promotion of cross-border projects and advocacy for further expansion of business centre services.