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Westminster Foundation for Democracy

 -  - Westminster Foundation for Democracy

The Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) is a partner and donor with which the Institute for Development and Innovation has been cooperating since its establishment in 2018. The Institute’s cooperation with the WFD office in Belgrade takes place within the Youth, Migration and Depopulation work program. The establishment of the Migration program area began with the implementation of the project and the preparation of the “Cost of Youth Emigration” analysis. After conducting an analysis for Serbia, the Institute for Development and Innovation applied the same methodology and prepared analyses for Western Balkans countries. All in cooperation with the local offices of the WFD.

In 2020, through the partnership with the WFD on the “Pokreni se” project, the Institute completed the whole process of developing, advocating and implementing an economic policy for the first time. This project dedicated to the retraining of young people in the NEET position first started with the analysis and proposal of retraining measures for them to become graphic designers, next it was advocated by political actors, and then implemented as an example in the City of Čačak. As a consequence of the achieved results, other donors supported the continuation of youth retraining projects, which resulted in the creation of the family of “Pokreni se” projects.