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During January, the Institute for Development and Innovation established a Working Group within the project “Rights for Moms!”. Members of the Working Group are representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations whose focus is depopulation, gender equality and women’s rights. The aim of the work of the Working Group is to draft Guidelines for the Government of the Republic of Serbia for the adoption of fiscal benefits for the earnings of mothers after maternity leave.

The meeting of the Working Group was held on January 31, and the topic of the meeting was the economic measure proposed by the Institute, as well as the form and content of the Guidelines that will be drafted and submitted to the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Nenad Jevtović, director of the Institute for Development and Innovation, presented the economic measure and moderated the discussion with the participants.

The participants of the working meeting agreed that the position of mothers on the labor market is unfavorable and that in order to improve their position, it is necessary to introduce a series of measures and changes in the population policy. The participants contributed significantly to the discussion and mapping of the key parts that the Guidelines should contain.

As the main conclusion, it was agreed to prepare the Draft Guidelines for the next Working Meeting so that the members of the Working Group could give comments that will be implemented during the preparation of the final document of the Guidelines.