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In the next 12 months, the Institute for Development and Innovation will implement the project “WRITE ABOUT PUBLIC FINANCE!”.

The aim of the project is to improve the knowledge of journalists and employees in the non-governmental sector in monitoring public finance and economic issues. The goal is also to raise awareness of the general public about the importance of quality information in the field of public finances and economy in the process of involving citizens in democratic processes.

During the project implementation, 40 journalists and employees of non-governmental organizations will be selected. The mentoring support on writing and reporting on public finance in the local community will be provided to them, and during 10 months of the project, they will develop at least 400 newspaper articles or articles, which will reach over 100,000 citizens of Serbia.

The project tasks will focus on: 1) organizing ten-month training in public finance and economy for 40 journalists and employees in the non-governmental sector; 2) providing support to participants to establish an association through this project that will in the future bring together journalists whose focus is public finances; 3) raising awareness of the importance of informing citizens with timely and relevant information from public finances and the economy.

The project “WRITE ABOUT PUBLIC FINANCE!” is funded by the Embassy of the United States of America.