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Youth and the economy – the path of a young entrepreneur

 -  - Youth and the economy – the path of a young entrepreneur

In 2020, the Institute for Development and Innovation participated as a partner in the project “Youth and Economy – the path of a young entrepreneur”, which was led by the Youth Economic Forum, and supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The project objective is to create a publicly available map and statistical indicators of economic potentials for work, employment, self-employment, and activism among young people in 11 cities of the lower economic level of development in the Republic of Serbia. The local self-government units observed were Arandjelovac, Zajecar, Krusevac, Prijepolje, Vladicin Han, Cacak, Kursumlija, Kikinda, Sombor, Subotica, and Uzice.

These maps will serve as a guideline for creating national, regional, and local youth employment and self-employment support programs.
Within the project, the research “Economic potentials of 11 selected municipalities and cities” was published. The research was prepared by researchers from the Institute for Development and Innovation.