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Youth Company

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The Institute for Development and Innovation is engaged in preparing and implementing the advocacy campaign within the BY LEAP regional project funded by the European Union, which implements Junior Achievements in Serbia with seven other partners. The activities for which the Institute is in charge are the preparation of a proposal for the form of a youth company in the Republic of Serbia in the form of an economic policy proposal. Also, the Institute will implement a campaign to advocate the proposed policy.

The Institute for Development and Innovation is responsible for organizing working meetings with representatives of relevant decision-makers, primarily the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia, as well as reviewing the views and experiences of youth organizations, all with the aim of increasing the chances of adopting the proposed policy.
In order to successfully advocate the proposed form of youth company to decision-makers, it is necessary to look at the challenges faced by young people in the labor market, the strategic determination of the Government of the Republic of Serbia in terms of economic development, as well as the work experience and expertise of the organizations that propose the form of youth company – the Institute for development and innovation and Junior Achievements in Serbia.
The end result of the project, as well as the project activity for which the Institute for Development and Innovation was engaged in the period from September to December 2022, is the promotion of entrepreneurship among young people.