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 -  - „PREOBUQA!“

The Institute for Development and Innovation will implement the project “Retraining program for QA testers PreobuQA!” for a period of five months.
The goal of the project is to improve the position of young people on the labor market in the Republic of Serbia. The project proposal was formulated through the observation of national challenges related to the unfavorable position of young people on the labor market, as well as monitoring global trends and needs of the labor market. The “PreobuQA retraining program for QA testers!” will have a long-term effect on the employability and self-employment of young people on the labor market, as well as on the exchange of knowledge.
The project tasks will be aimed at organizing 30 professional workshops – 24 of which will be related to the field of QA testing and 6 workshops related to the career development of participants. The training program will last three months in the period from November 1, 2023 to January 31, 2024. The expected result is that after the training, the participants will be able to find their place on the labor market and be employed in ICT companies. At the very end of the project, an Employment Fair will be organized that will bring together program participants and representatives of ICT companies that need to hire new staff. During the duration of the project and after its formal completion, the personal and career development of the participants will be monitored until their employment.
The project is supported by the US Embassy through the BOLD program, and the main partner is the Association for the Affirmation of Culture – ASK.