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  • Even though she had not protected copyrights, and I would not like to infringe them, let me first emphasize that the title of the text is a phrase that came from my grandmother.

  • Inflation is one of the things that interests almost everyone because it influences everyone, and how less you will be able to buy with your paycheck or pension than before.

  • There goes Mile and he's confused. He is confused with the numbers he hears and everything he has turned over his head in past two centuries, so Mile does not know whether life is better or worse in his hometown than elsewhere in Serbia. He is not interested in other people's salaries or wealth, he is not interested in politics or various papers about borders; Mile is dedicated to his family and he would like to know the worth of the salary he earns, and whether his wallet is getting thinner or thicker.

  • The students the locusts have eaten are those who had enrolled and graduated with a degree not needed in the labor market, or there is no need for so many graduates of that faculty. These students, their families and the society that bears the cost of studying are deceived by those faculties, colleges or universities.

  • The number of residence permits in the European Union of one year and longer for the citizens of the Western Balkan countries in 2013 was around 56 thousand, and in 2018 around 154 thousand. These are official Eurostat data, and show that almost three times more long-term permits were issued in 2018, than only five years earlier.