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“Climate-smart, ecosystem-enhancing and knowledge-based rural expertise and training centers” (RURALITIES) is a Horizon Europe project financed by the European Union with 4.4 million euros and will be carried out within a five-year time frame (2022-2027).

The RURALITIES project is implemented by the consortium which consists of 52 participating organisations from European and African countries in which the Institute for Development and Innovation has a significant role related to management and operationalisation.
RURALITIES aims to generate learning framework organised in hubs, deliver relevant expertise, implement innovative methodologies, organise a network of living labs together with a digital platform in order to assist engage, connect and empower an extensive network of rural actors.
RURALITIES achieves the aims of the project with regard to the “do no significant harm principle”, taking in account climate change mitigation and adaption, preservation and protection of water and marine resources, principles of circular economy, zero pollution vision, conservation of biodiversity, and ecosystems enhancing practices.