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Serbian Association of Employers

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Serbian Association of Employers (SAE) and the Institute for Development and Innovation signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in October 2022. One of the first joint actions of the two organizations was joint work on drafting a policy proposal to improve the position of women after returning from maternity leave.

The economic measure proposal development by the Institute for Development and Innovation, and supported by the Serbian Association of Employers includes a three-year subsidization of contributions for pension, disability and health insurance and unemployment insurance for women returning to work. In the first year, the subsidization of mandatory contributions for social security would amount to 65%, in the second 60% and in the third 50%.

Serbian Association of Employers and the Institute stive to work together on strengthening the national economy and its competitiveness, improving the investment climate based on knowledge, innovation and quality jobs, as well as improving solidarity, equality, a society of equal opportunities and inclusion. SEA and the Institute, through economic research and recommendations, provide strong support for sustainable socio-economic development and accordance with international and EU standards and practices.