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The Institute started implementing the project “First steps towards digital Čačak” developed within the ICEDA network (Increasing Civic Engagement in the Digital Agenda), and financed by European Union.

The Project “First steps towards digital Čačak” will be implemented on the territory of Serbia, with the main focus on the town of Čačak. The project aims to provide assistance in modernizing and digitalizing administration in Serbia through organizing workshops, creating guides, and developing policy recommendations for the governmental portal e-Uprava (e-Government).
It is noticed that a small percentage of citizens use e-Uprava services, as well as that there are many deficiencies portal has that should be addressed and overcome.
During the project implementation, the Institute will organize a workshop for citizens of Čačak on how to use the e-Uprava portal. Besides the workshops, the institute will develop 12 educational videos and a guide on how to use the e-Uprava portal and services.
Following the user’s feedback, the Institute will conduct the research and create a policy paper for the portal’s development that will be presented to the relevant decision-makers.