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The project “Pokreni se!” was launched by the Institute for Development and Innovation in 2020 in Čačak with the support of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, the City of Čačak, the Science Technology Park Čačak, and the College of Technical Vocational Studies in Čačak.

The high level of the youth unemployment rate is one of the biggest challenges in the city of Čačak. As a solution to this challenge, the Institute for Development and Innovation has launched a new project – training for young people in graphic designers.

The nine-month training was organized by the Science Technology Park Čačak and its immediate unit, the Startup Center. The project included the following activities: Workshop for Adobe Illustrator, workshops on starting your own business, meet-ups – participants and designers, mentoring after the training, and connecting participants with companies.
Upon completion of the training, one-third of the participants found employment or started their own business as graphic designers.