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The Institute for Development and Innovation, with the support of the Open Society Foundation, will continue to implement the project “Right for Moms!” in the period from July 2022 to March 2023.

The goal of the project is to improve the socio-economic position of women on the labor market after maternity leave, by improving the position and status of women from the point of view of the labor market and relations with employers.
The annual reports of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality state that women are in a disadvantageous position in the labor market, that they progress more slowly and that there are fewer of them in management positions. Therefore, it is important to advocate policies that will make women equally competitive with men in the labor market.
It is necessary to adopt even more effective policies in the direction of long-term ensuring the economic security of mothers and reducing the insecurity of mothers in the labor market.
The project tasks will focus on advocating the prepared wage relief measure, primarily among decision-makers in public authorities, but also among other relevant actors.